Can you support us?

Our work depends on volunteers, donations and fundraising

We work with women facing multiple disadvantages and barriers to accessing services; women, trapped by life controlling addictions, often involved in street-based sex work with all the exploitation and danger that involves.

We start where a woman is now and help her achieve the next step. We will be involved for as long as she wants. For some that is weeks or months but for others it may be years. If a woman loses contact with us she is welcome back whenever she wants, there is no complicated referral process, a phone call will do.

We first met Julia through Evening Outreach where she was working on the streets every night.

Over several years we were able to get to know her well and eventually she started to trust us and allow us to help her make some positive changes. She now has her own home and rarely works on the streets. She still battles with addiction, but she knows she is valued and respected and is an important member of the Joanna community.

What does this look like?