We have the best friends!

We’re taking a moment to highlight the generosity of the wonderful individuals, groups and churches around Leeds who stay up to date with our news and give so much in time, money and practical donations. Every week volunteers enable us to do so much more as they cook lunches, share hope and snacks on Evening Outreach, tend the garden, help with admin, sort out donations; Nora, pictured here, leads brilliantly creative, self-esteem raising craft sessions. It is down to our friends that we can give beautiful birthday presents, toiletries, new home essentials such as curtains and bedding, lovingly homemade cakes, Christmas gifts and hampers. For the £5 to £150 monthly standing orders to the thousands fundraised by churches, rotary clubs and women’s groups we are humbly grateful, meeting an impressive 30% of our income.

We are truly blessed to have such incredible friends!