Joanna Project relies entirely on the generosity of others to keep going and our wonderful volunteers who give their time and resources freely. This spirit of generosity is crucial to our ethos and we want to maintain it as we grow. However there are aspects of our work that simply cost money; running Joanna House and car and employing our skilled staff team.

There are different ways to give:

  1. Commit to giving regularly. This allows us to plan ahead and keep on top of monthly outgoings.
  2. Single Gifts. A flexible way to give that help us keep running.
  3. Donate Goods. We rely on the generosity of donated clothes, food and toiletries.
  4. Your time. It can be fundraising, signing up to secret angels and praying for us or volunteering.


Sam was in hospital with a serious infection but had to wear a hospital gown and disposable pants as she had no other clothes.

We spent £20 on a nightdress and underwear plus essential toiletries which restored some dignity and helped her to realise she was loved.

Through our page on CAF Donate you can make one-off and regular monthly donations.